Information On Machinery Auctions
Carriages and Equipment Auction
When: 7/14/2018
At: 09:00 AM

Vernon Market

11 Ruth Street
Vernon, NY

Saturday, July 14th @ 9:00 AM
Vernon Machinery Consignment Sale featuring
Maplecroft Belgian Mules' Carriages and Equipment

Selling at 12:30 P.M.
- Maplecroft Belgian Mules Carriages and Equipment -
Equipment: Meadowbrook rear entry split seat single cart; 4 wheel carriage, 2 row seats, rubber wheels, pole and set of shafts; New Idea horse drawn spreader; mule train cart for fore cart; 2 seat sled, single and double set of stocks; farm wagon, 4 wheel steel spoke wheels, single bench seat; 4 wheel wood show cart, flush hubs, dashboard. 


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