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Auction Info
Starting At: 12:30 PM
Vernon Market
11 Ruth Street
Vernon, NY

Every Monday - Sale at 12:30 PM

Sheep, goats, horses and hay

Every Monday - Sale at 1:30 PM

Calves, followed by beef cattle

Every Wednesday - Sale at 8:00 AM

Beef cows accepted to be railed and sold dressed weight (no calves please)

Every Thursday - Sale at 1:15 PM

Dairy cattle, followed by beef and calves

For more information on Sales, call:
Tim Miller, Manager
Cell: 315-440-9683

Vernon Market

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Upcoming Sales Auction - 1/18/2018
Starting At: 12:30 PM
 Sale every Monday at 12:30 PM - Sheep, Goats, Pigs, Horses & Hay
  1:30 PM - Calves then Beef at 3:00 PM 
Sale every Thursday at 1:15 PM - Dairy Cattle then Beef & Calves
Every second Thursday of the month is Organic Dairy Sale
Thursday, January 18th @ 12:30 PM
Dairy Sale and Fat Cattle and Feeder Sale








Vernon  Market

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Dairy Auction - 1/13/2018
Starting At: 12:30 PM
Vernon Market 
11 Ruth Street
Vernon, NY 13476

Saturday, January 13th @ 12:30 PM
Herd Dispersal for
Cox Family Farms from Gouverneur, NY
NOFA Certified

Vernon Market

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